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For small businesses, earning trust and gaining credibility are two of the most significant roadblocks to success. While trust is something that develops over time as a result of several positive impressions, credibility is essential from the start. You trust your auto mechanic because he’s been providing you with reliable service for several years, but you went to him in the first place because you recognized his credibility. In that industry, credibility is easy to see. If the mechanic works in a professional looking shop where work is clearly being done, you can see that he’s credible. But in many industries, credibility isn’t as easily perceived. Fortunately, you can use your small business website to gain the credibility you need to attract new customers. 

Keep your website’s design up to date. 

Your website’s design is the first thing that potential customers will notice. A great looking design may pique their interest, but a design that looks old and outdated could be a red flag. Your website needs to be a living aspect of your business, and if it looks like you haven’t touched it in years, you lose credibility. Potential customers will see that and wonder what other aspects of your business  you’re neglecting. By keeping up with web design trends, you can make sure that your website has all of the essential elements that today’s consumer expects to see. 

Write a detailed About Us page.

Think of your About Us page like a key member of your sales staff. In the same way that your actual sales staff must know how to effectively communicate the ins and outs of your business, including your history, mission, product, and personality, you should expect the same from your About Us page. You wouldn’t want your sales staff to be vague with potential customers, so your About Us page shouldn’t be vague to those who visit your website. The About Us page is your opportunity to tell your story. Who are you? What did you start your business? Who are the key players on your team? The more information you provide, the easier it is to earn credibility. 

Include thorough contact information.

One of the drawbacks of the digital age is that anyone can create a website and pose as a company, and today’s consumer is innately aware of this. Since scamming is so prevalent on the internet, your potential customers need extra reassurance that you are who you say you are. By including contact information, such as your address, hours of operations, phone number, and links to your blog and social media pages, you’ll give potential customers the assurance they need to continue exploring your site and possibly purchasing your product or services. 

You might not have a flashy store, office, or shop to work out of, but your website can give potential customers everything they need to recognize your credibility. If your small business is struggling to gain credibility in your target market, High Level Marketing can help. As Michigan’s leading web design company, our team knows what it takes to build the most effective website for your business. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help your small business grow!