If you search the web for ways to increase your blog’s overall reach, you’ll probably find tactics for using social media buttons to make your content easily sharable or ways that to optimize your blog posts with relevant keywords.

While these are great solutions for driving new traffic to your business’s blog, sometimes the most effective ones are right under your nose.

In this case, we are talking about using your existing audience to promote your blog.

Your readers each have their own social networks of friends and colleagues, and if they find your content to be entertaining and useful, they might just be willing to share it.

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Developing a strong content marketing strategy to deliver high quality, relevant, and trustworthy information through your blog is just the first step.

Here are some ways that you can get your readers to become evangelists for your brand and help spread the word on the Internet about your blog:

1.    Captivate your readers’ attention with strong titles for blog posts. The majority of people will scan the headlines to determine if the content is worth reading, and your title needs to stand out and scream, “READ ME!!!” to your audience.

Not only does this help in reeling your readers in, but it will likely increase the chances that your readers will share your post with their social media channels, which will therefore tempt an entirely new group of potential readers to check out your blog content.

2.    Leverage social media. We live in the sharing economy. In both the way we do business, and the way we create and share content online.  If your content strikes the right nerve with your reader, then they'll share the post with their social network.  There are a few things you can do to ensure that the reader has every opportunity to easily accomplish this. Be sure to add a few social sharing icons at the bottom (and possibly the top) of each blog post.

This will make it incredibly easy for your readers to share the content that made an impact on them simply with the click of a button. Also, be sure you share your recently published blog posts on your own social media channels - this will help distribute your content and allow for your social followers to click and share.

3.    Invite your friends and family to read your blog. When a new product, service, website, or blog is launched, usually the first customers or readers are those closest to the owners.  It's natural to reach out to the closest people in our lives; allowing them to give initial feedback (which is usually overwhelmingly positive).

This is also a great group of people likely to share you on social media.  While this may be daunting to some, your friends and family tend to be your best advocates and can really help to create awareness for your blog. Asking this group of people to read and share your blog posts with their social networks can help to really create some buzz and grow your readership that you otherwise may not get. 

As long as you are taking the time to create high quality content that your target audience will find useful and meaningful, leveraging your audience to promote your blog will be easy. The more buzz that you have for your blog, the easier it will be for existing and prospective readers to find your blog online.

But patience is key. There are hundreds of thousands of blog posts being written ever day, along with pictures, memes, videos, Tweets, press releases, and all the other forms of content.  There's a lot of clutter that stands in your way; however, remember to create content that YOUR target audience needs to solve the problems in THEIR lives that YOU can solve with you product/service.  

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