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It’s no secret that it’s very difficult for your small business to get noticed in Google search results, especially if you’re trying to target a saturated market. Even with an SEO team working around the clock to boost your organic rankings, it can still take months before you see the fruits of your labor. For many small businesses, especially those just starting out, low visibility in Google can quickly cut into their profit margins. Fortunately, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a great, cost effective way for your business to target interested customers and get the leads needed to keep your doors open and your business growing. 

1. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad

One of the biggest reasons why PPC is ideal for small businesses is that it gives you full control over your ad spending. You not only know where you’re spending your money, but you also know when you’re spending it. Some business owners choose to make up for poor Google visibility by purchasing ad space in directory listings that promise to send thousands of visitors to their website. While these directories might deliver on their promises of heightened traffic, there’s no guarantee that those visitors are actually motivated to make a purchase. In contrast, PPC lets you earn valuable leads without wasting money on unmotivated searchers. 

2. You control your budget

With PPC, you don’t have to worry about someone telling you how much money you need to spend. This is great for small business owners because it lowers the risk potential and prevents you from blowing your budget. PPC ad visibility is based on a combination of your budget and your quality score. Your quality score is determined by factors such as your click-thorough rate, the relevance of the copy in your ad, the quality of your landing pages, where you’re located, and more. Google factors in your quality score with your budget to determine how well your ads perform. This is ideal for a small businesses because, even if your quality score isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, you can compensate by spending more. Conversely, if you have a high quality score, you might not need to spend as much for your ads to be easily seen. 

PPC Advertising

3. You can gain more mobile visibility

Last year, Google predicted that mobile searches would surpass desktop searches by the end of 2016. Now, we’re nearly half way through 2015 and about 80% of all Google searches come from mobile devices. This is great news for PPC advertisers because the smaller screens allow them to gain even more visibility. While a desktop Google search might show 7 to 10 results before a user has to scroll down, a mobile device might show 3 to 5. Since the first 3 results are usually PPC ads, they get even more visibility, which increases the probability for conversion. 

PPC Advertising

PPC is beneficial, but it isn’t easy. 

While the benefits of PPC are easily seen, managing a PPC campaign for your business is no easy task. Google AdWords is constantly evolving and is becoming increasingly difficult to for a novice to understand and effectively use. That’s why the best thing you can do for your small business is to hire a PPC expert to run your campaign. When you hire an expert, you can still have full control of where and when you’re spending your money, but you have the benefit of knowing that money is well spent. You can also save a lot of time by hiring an expert because they will be able to accomplish tasks much faster than you can.

This leaves more time for you to build other areas of your business while you reap the benefits of your campaign. 

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