Social Media; the genesis point of every single viral video, meme, every fail and every win - all witnessed online. It’s where you go to promote yourself or your businesses, vent frustration, share your joy and the ultimate cool brag spot.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age of social, many of us are seriously lagging, especially for small businesses. For the ones that aren’t lagging, you already know that utilizing social media as a part of your marketing can provide huge ROI and brand awareness.

There are some telltale signs you need to give your social media presence some love, and we’ve listed them below:

You have no idea what a Facebook page, twitter, or Pinterest pin is

If you own a small business and cannot tell what a tweet or pin is in this era, it’s about that time to spread some resources to invest in social media. The chances you’re losing out big time to your competitors and customers are huge; investing time to give social media a wide berth is crucial.

99.9% of the time, your competitors and customers are on social media – why aren’t you? By learning how to use social media, you’ll increase your brand visibility. Who wouldn’t want that?

It's never too late to make things right.

You’re unable to respond to engagement

If you’re a small business owner and wear practically every hat in your business, finding time to respond to any engagement on social media is near impossible. If you find yourself logging on to your Facebook once a week or month (if that), that’s when you hire a digital marketing company to step in the picture.

With the right social media executives, you’ll get some cool (and optimized) content, ideas, and graphics thrown your way to help encourage success where it all matters. Whether it’s blogging or tweeting, the right executive will handle all things related to social.

You use one platform. And let us take a guess…Facebook

If every time “social media” is mentioned and you think we’re only talking about Facebook, then you may have another problem. There’s a lot more to social media than Facebook, but it seems to be the default mentality.

Nothing against Facebook – it’s great.

But it’s not your only option of getting your name out there.

Twitter is the fast and furious of the Internet, Pinterest is every home remodelers dream, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube – they all have their own unique (and endless) advantages. Not every platform will work for you, but diversity is important.

There’s more than one place to achieve a social following and get your brand out there, don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

In come the experts to the rescue!

Are you on top of your social media campaigns or are you in complete neglect? Not a problem. At High Level Marketing, we can fill your brain with all the digital knowledge and get your social on.

With the right social media strategy, the benefits it will bring to your business are huge - guaranteed. We’ll help you grow your brand in this fast-paced generation of marketing, contact us today!