3 Major Reasons Why Small Businesses Often Fail With PPC

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can be quick to deliver qualified traffic to your website, improving your leads and sales.

However, managing a PPC campaign successfully requires expertise, and everyone’s most valuable commodity - time.  

Many small businesses have distinct budgetary challenges, their website may not be optimal, or they lack a general understanding of how PPC works.  

Managing PPC campaigns for small businesses is more than just optimizing advertisements in the regular sense.

The lack of knowledge in the PPC world is one of the main reasons many small business owners face, especially when they have been scammed by a so-called AdWords agency.

At High Level Marketing, we evaluate and take over numerous campaigns every month, and though there are many different factors, we see the same mistakes over and over.

And we’ve listed them below.

Bad Landing (or no landing) Pages

The first page a searcher lands on after clicking your Google ad is your landing page.

Your landing page is a key component in your AdWords campaign, and a good one can do wonders to the number of leads you can receive.

Not having a well-done, high-converting landing page is a big no-no. Your Ad copy can only do so much, but it’s your landing page that encourages the searcher to stay, interact, and convert.

Your landing page’s content must be directly correlated to what you are offering in your ad and focuses on encouraging users to perform whatever the conversion action you have.

Unlike content optimized for SEO, PPC landing page content should be more concise and tightly focused on conversion.

If your landing page isn’t done right, searchers may abandon your page out of frustration, which only results in lost conversion opportunities and wasted advertising dollars.

Poor Campaign Structure

One of the most common mistakes we see is AdWords campaigns that are set up poorly (even by agencies that should know better) and don’t adhere to basic best practices.

A common problem we find is a single campaign that runs on both Display Networks and Search.

Both are two utterly, uniquely different beasts that should never be lumped together in a single campaign.

Along with that single campaign, we’ll see campaigns having one ad group with too many keywords - all in one.

Creating a campaign with the above qualities is a sure way to waste a lot of money.

Adwords is all about relevance. The more ad groups you choose when setting up your campaign, the better the message you can send.

In turn, this will directly relate to how qualified your visitors are and how good your results are.

Bad Conversion Tracking

We’ve seen that the majority of leads for small businesses come in the form of a phone call.

Phone call leads are usually higher quality, “hot leads” than someone filling out a form (but both are still good).
If you’re not tracking any call conversions, then you’re missing out on your hottest leads.

Without proper conversion tracking, you won’t know how to optimize your campaigns.

You’ll spend a lot of money on bad clicks if you’re not tracking conversions to see data that shows you which ads and keywords are making the phone ring and which aren't.

When someone clicks on your ad and then takes action on your landing page, that is defined as valuable.

With that being said, conversion tracking tells you where your conversion came from and what the customer did to provoke that conversion. Truly valuable, and needed information.

You’ll need that information to make adjustments to your landing page to increase your conversions, better your landing page, and increase your ad relevancy.

Do Your PPC Efforts Need Some Lovin’?

If you’re a small business and are struggling with managing your PPC efforts, you’ve come to the right place. At High Level Marketing, we have a depth of knowledge about all things PPC for your business needs.

We separate ourselves from our competition by being transparent and giving all of our accounts the attention they deserve.

Our diligence and hard work are primary reasons why we have a 98% client retention rate. For more information on a tailored action plan that will improve your ROI - give us a call!