3 Immediate Benefits of Mobile Optimization for Websites

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Smartphones could be considered the greatest invention since sliced bread. Nearly three-quarters of Americans now own smartphones and have the world at their fingertips. In just seconds, people can look up and view just about anything they can think of. Business owners should take note that optimizing their website for mobile devices can be a complete game-changer when boosting sales, leads, and customers for their company.

What Happens If My Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile Devices?

If a potential customer is looking for a particular service or product, they are more likely to search it on their phone. With that being said, if the website isn’t optimized properly for the web or is difficult to use, the customer will end up finding that product or service somewhere else. They will end up seeking out a competitor company with a website that’s optimized for their mobile device instead of finding a computer to search the previous site.

A Bad Experience = Bad Feelings

A user who doesn’t have a good mobile experience will get agitated and frustrated. Sometimes these negative feelings will reflect how they feel toward that particular company. A site that’s not mobile-friendly can show that the company either doesn’t care about their business or isn’t up on the current technology times. Unfortunately, the user will be less likely to interact with that company in the future.

Immediate Advantages of Having a Website That’s Suited for Mobile Use

When dealing with website optimization for phones, the positives will always outweigh the negatives– especially in our smartphone world.

More Business

Yes, this is the most obvious benefit. With over three-quarters of the American population using smartphones, almost everyone has access to the internet. For example, if a customer needs a new roof, a quick search can bring up a variety of companies along with their customer reviews in one place. A user simply has to click on the site that’s perfectly optimized for mobile use and they’re in. It’s fast, easy, and efficient. This makes it much simpler on the shopper when choosing and searching for a particular service or product.

Improved User Experiences

Mobile users tend to behave differently than their computer counterparts. Many users aren’t doing in-depth research; they usually are doing a quick search while multitasking or need a quick answer. Since the majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s important to keep the whole mobile experience as easy as possible. At the rapid rate, we are going with technology, there are potential customers that may not even have access to a desktop computer or laptop. Accessibility is key to a business. Creating a website for mobile use should not only be easy to find but also easy to read and navigate making it quicker to convert a visitor into a customer.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

In 2015 Google began to use “mobile-friendliness” as a factor when it comes to search rankings. It’s been proven that websites that are optimized for mobile use will rank better than websites that aren’t. This means that even if a user is on a desktop computer, a company’s website that’s not for mobile use will become buried in the sea for search results. Whereas a mobile-friendly site can increase visibility across any and all devices. Google says the reason they rank a website higher if it’s optimized for mobile devices is that it makes it easier for users to find the best search results that can be viewed across various devices.

Like a physical store, customers want to be able to navigate and find what they need more easily–the same goes for mobile websites. Taking your content and creating a unique design that’s more responsive on mobile devices will give your company a competitive advantage. Not only will your company stand out from the rest, but you’ll also get more conversions, more sales, and a higher search engine ranking.

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