Most of today’s business owners understand the importance of having a website, but when you look at how many sites lack the elements to facilitate conversion, it’s apparent that many business owners don’t have the first idea of how to create an effective website.

An effective business website doesn’t simply add credibility to your company; it generates leads. It draws the customer in, encourages them to take action, and then makes it easy to do so.

Here are 3 basic elements you should implement to get more business from your website:

1. An Engaging, User Friendly Design

How long do users stay on a website that doesn’t capture their attention? It’s probably not as long as you think.

Statistics show that more than 50% of users will leave a website within 10-20 seconds. Users who stay on a website for more than 20 seconds often stick around exponentially longer. 

This graph shows us that the first 10 seconds are crucial to captivating your audience.

3 Essential Elements Every Small Business Website Needs - Small Business Design, SEO, and Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - TimeGraph


While this might lead you to believe that most people browsing the web simply suffer from minuscule attention spans, the reality is that users will judge a site in mere seconds before deciding if it is worth their limited time. This is the unfortunate result of users having been forced to endure countless numbers of poorly designed sites in the past. If your website is one of thousands that are difficult to navigate, slow to load, or downright ugly, your chances of converting users into customers are pretty slim.

A great website design doesn’t need flashy videos or animations of dancing animals. It does need:

  • Simplicity
  • A limited color palette
  • A design that’s easy on the eyes
  • A powerful message that is delivered quickly, without superfluous and useless content

It should also be easy to navigate. Let your users know exactly where to find what they’re looking for. Or, better yet, tell them what they’re looking for, and create an incentive for them to keep moving through your site.

If you want to get your users interested in your product, or persuade them to take even the simplest action, you’re going to have to capture their attention with a slick design and useful content that can be read quickly and easily.

2. Interesting, Useful, and Well Written Content

In most cases, your website is a potential customer’s first impression of your business. A great way to lose credibility and trust from users who land on your website is to load it up with inaccurate, poorly written, and useless content.

Regularly posting original, informative articles and blog posts can establish you as an expert in your field, and it also gives customers a reason to keep coming back to your site. Since social media is a growing factor in driving traffic to websites, writing an interesting blog post that can be shared across platforms amongst multiple users can give you a huge boost in traffic.

Not only does fresh, original content build trust and keep potential customers interested in your business, but it’s also an essential part of any SEO strategy. Google looks closely at your content, as it plays a key role in your page ranking. Failing to regularly update your site with new content, duplicating content across multiple pages, and plagiarizing from other sites are all easy ways to get penalized in your search rankings.

3. A Clear Call to Action

So, you have a beautiful site with great content and a solid SEO strategy. You can see that traffic is starting to grow and that users are lingering on your site for longer than ever. This is all great, but that isn’t exactly the point, is it?

The point is to get more business.

You would be amazed at the number of small business sites that don’t have a clear call to action, or are lacking one altogether! Why invest in a website if you aren’t converting any of your visitors into customers?

An effective website tells the visitors in specific, literal terms what you want them to do. An even more effective website gives a sense of urgency and provides an instant value. For example, you may want them to take advantage of a free quote or consultation, exclusive coupons and discounts, or other low-commitment offers.

Not only is it important to include clear calls-to-action on every page of your site, it’s also imperative that they are easy to find and deliver a clear message of what each customer can expect to get.

Take this landing page, for example:

perfect landing page

When a potential customer lands on this home page, they instantly know what the product is, and how to get it. Additionally, it presents zero cost incentive to taking action by offering a free quote without the consumer having to make any kind of commitment.

With only 10 to 20 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, the message on your website must be clear. Many people are shopping or searching online out of convenience, so try to avoid making your users do all the work. Chances are, if someone landing on your site hasn’t found exactly what they’re looking for in less than 20 seconds, you’ve just lost a customer.

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