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When was the last time you said, ‘thank you’ and truly meant it? Powerful words, ‘thank you.’ And yet, most days we take them for granted. As children, we’re taught to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as a demonstration of good manners. As adults, we casually mutter them out of the corner of our mouths as a polite gesture.

The Power of Appreciation

If you’re like many people, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. A time we give thanks for big things like spending the day with friends and family, our good health, our livelihood, or the opportunity to lift up those less fortunate. We give thanks for the things we have and the things we hold close to our heart.

This Thanksgiving I encourage you to dig a little deeper and, in addition to being thankful, express gratitude. If you’re a successful business owner, I bet you didn’t get there by yourself. I didn’t. I had a lot of help; starting with support from my family, business mentors, business partners, and an entire team of dedicated employees. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given, but I am grateful to the people who helped me turn those opportunities into successes.

This Year, Reimagine Success

As business owners, it’s easy for us to measure success by a number. But truth is, the real measure of a company’s success isn’t found on a spreadsheet. The true measure of a company’s success is engagement. Engaged customers become your company’s advocates. Engaged employees become champions for your company’s success. For both, engagement starts with two words: 'Thank You.'

Sure, you still need to hit your numbers. But I promise you, by practicing gratitude and engaging the people around you, the numbers will follow. Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to thank someone for a small gesture of holding a door for us, but so difficult to thank people who are essential to helping us become, and remain, successful in our endeavors? I don’t think it’s because we take people for granted. I just think we’ve forgotten the importance and power of showing appreciation. We’ve forgotten how meaningful it can be to look someone in the eye and express a sincere ‘thank you.' 

This Year, Be Engaged 

Everyone likes to feel valued. A personal ‘thank you’ shows your employees, your team, your customers, and your partners that you value the relationship. For your employees, it’s an opportunity to make a connection and to express that the work they do is important to the success of the company. It builds loyalty. And the satisfaction they feel from being engaged and appreciated will be paid forward to their coworkers and your customers. Happiness breeds happiness. So, this year, make it your goal to regularly thank your employees. Shake a hand. Make eye contact. Be involved. Show gratitude.

And remember your customers, too. They need to know you value their business. Customers rarely decide to choose a different company based solely on cost or performance. Most often, they leave due to lack of engagement. There’s a lot of competition out there. Actively communicating with your customers, demonstrating value, and taking a moment to show your appreciation for their continued business is vital to your company’s success.

This Year, Accept a Challenge

This year I am challenging myself, and all of you, to express gratitude. Take time to tell people how much they are appreciated. Do it this year because it’s good for your business; keep doing it because it’s good for your soul. Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU! for your continued business with us.

Reminder: HLM will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov 22-23, in observance of Thanksgiving. 

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