Must-Have Elements for Your HVAC Website
How do you know a great HVAC website when you see one? Great question! A great website has...
How Do I Get My HVAC Company to Rank Higher in Google?
HLM Digital Strategists Take a Deep Dive Into HVAC SEO At a recent event, we had the opportunity...
Protect Your HVAC Company from Google Algorithm Changes
What is the Impact of Google Algorithms on Your HVAC Business? ​A common topic that comes up...
Does My HVAC Business Need a GMB Listing?
What Is a Local Search Result? Local search results show up at the top of the search results...
New Local Search Result Format Tested in Europe
Branded directory buttons are being displayed above the map. In April 2019, Google was experimenting with a new local SERP that highlighted alternative directory sources. This could have implications for the US in the future.
Zero Click Searches: How Google Curates Content without Driving Traffic to Websites
If you’ve searched on Google and had your question answered without having to click through to a website, you’re already familiar with zero click searches. Google shifted how it drives website traffic on its search engine results page (SERP). Due to this, your business may have noticed a decline in conversions.
Valentine’s Posts that Work!
An annual celebration of love and commercialism, Valentine's Day is a significant spending holiday for shoppers worldwide. So be sure to leverage social media's influence on buying decisions to invite existing and prospective customers to connect and interact with you! That... that is what love has got to do with it!
High Level Marketing Announced as a 2020 UpCity Excellence Award Winner!
We are so excited to officially announce that HLM has been selected as a top 100 service provider...
Fix Your Old, Dusty Adaptive Site! Google Updated its Mobile-First Indexing
New guidance has been added in numerous areas, including crawling, structured data, visual content and best practices. Old adaptive sites that have different versions or URLs for desktop and mobile devices will start seeing reduced traffic.
Direct site navigation via voice arrives on iOS Bing Search app
Microsoft’s Bing Search App has been updated with a new design aesthetic and its latest update, version 6.48, brings direct site navigation via voice to iOS users.
What's New at HLM for 2020
Before we officially say goodbye to 2019 and welcome in 2020, we’d like to take a moment to...
Google now shows carousels of reviews on local business profiles
Google has been spotted displaying reviews in a carousel format, placed more prominently on local business profiles. The feature was spotted by digital marketer Aneel Badyal and confirmed by a Google spokesperson.
Flash is Officially Dead: A Digital Marketing Fable
For those of us that remember the web of the early 2000s, it was a bleak: static images that took ages to load, bland text, terrible tiled backgrounds that made reading near impossible. The animated GIF did try to offer some wow, but usually ended up terrifying.

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