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4.9/5 stars 60+ Reviews
High Level Marketing makes the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies at #1903; ranked #23 for Detroit area companies.
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Established in 2009, HLM has worked to keep the small business dream a reality for many people. Tired of missing opportunity? Let's start growing your business today!

Satisfaction Rate

Our clients give us an average of 4.9 out of 5 star Google Rating because we deliver what we promise and our customer service is outstanding. Give us a call, we'll be sure to answer.

The HLM 5-Star Experience Five Star Rating!

We want every client to have a 5-star experience. We encourage our clients to tell us what we can do in order for them to rate us 5 stars. If you’re not getting a 5-star experience from your marketing company, call us today.

Our Vision
There is only one reason we get out of bed in the morning — to keep small business alive.

Why are we in business?

Despite employing 57% of the country’s private workforce, the odds are stacked against most small businesses. Consider all the obstacles to your success: volumes of local and national regulations mandating how to start and operate, the abundance of big box stores, limited financing options, and much more.

In fact, only 50% of businesses launched today will survive five years. We want to be the factor that changes that statistic because we still believe in the American dream. We value entrepreneurship and ingenuity above all, so we strive to be small businesses’ lifeline.

Even though High Level Marketing has been around since 2009, there is still a strong sense of entrepreneurship and pride in everything we do. In the last six years, our client roster has grown to over 1,100 local and national companies—improving the survival rate of small businesses one client at a time.

How do we keep small business alive?

Our approach is based on maximizing new business, meaning we only develop websites that are proven to be effective at converting new customers for our clients. When a new client comes on board, our team discusses the scope, design strategy, and technology to achieve success. Brainstorming, collaboration and challenging one another is highly encouraged. It is only by considering and evaluating alternative methods, ideas, formats, etc. that the best ideas are uncovered.

Empowered by the spirit of entrepreneurship, our team works in an environment where creativity wins over procedure and demonstration beats theory. The result—stunningly beautiful, yet amazingly simple, web sites and innovative search marketing strategies that deliver results.

Success - We Owe It All to Our Clients
As one of the fastest growing online marketing companies, High Level Marketing has a clear mission:
grow our client's businesses through the power of website design & search engine optimization.
In the face of a struggling economy,
HLM has experienced a growth rate of over 600%.
Line graph of growth since 2009

How Did We Get to Where We are Today?

After three years of testing, development, and research, HLM launches MYCE™, their unique web management system. MYCE™ gives HLM's clients a competitive edge in search engines results and direct access to manage their website.

With a clear product advantage in the marketplace, HLM moves full steam ahead on new client aquisition.

HLM meets its goal of a 98% client retention rate through investment in product development and customer service systems.

HLM surpasses 800 active client milestone while retaining 98% of its client base. Mobile website division is launched. Triples the amount of dedicated team members to meet the needs of its expanding client base.

HLM develops robust Dashboard for setting SEO goals, timelines, and delivering full transparency to customers. To meet the growing demand of new customers, HLM doubles the sales team.

1,000 client milestone is reached. HLM updates technology to account for all major Google updates including Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird.

HLM develops a platform which breaks down what every small business' competitor is doing to rank well in Google. Formed Board of Directors - Wesley Mathews, Jon Bowerman, Josh Linkner, Jeff Blackman, and Sagar Parvataneni.

High Level Marketing makes the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies at #1903; ranked #23 for Detroit area companies. HLM doubles office space to continue growth trajectory.